Many ex-race horses have been successfully retrained to other disciplines after leaving their racing careers.  Retiring race horses (OTTBs or Off Track Thoroughbreds) have much to offer and typically have a very strong work ethic.


There are many examples of retrained ex-race horses going on to lead successful competitive and non-competitive careers in other venues (photos right depict OTTBs in their new careers), including mounted police horses (see AP article by Tom Canavan, “Former race horses trained to fight crime” and Junior’s story on Testimonials section of Adoption Horses page).  Poggio II, a retired race horse in Oregon, and Courageous Comet, retired from a successful New York track career (see YouTube video), have excelled in three-day eventing and were selected to compete on the US Olympic Team at the Olympic Games in Beijing (See August 2008 Thoroughbred Times article).  Courageous Comet took his rider, Rebecca Holder to a 5th place in Individual Eventing Dressage and 6th in Individual Jumping in the Jumping Final.  Unfortunately, Amy Tryon was disqualified during the Cross Country event when she fell off Poggio II.  They were 24th in the individual standings prior to the fall and the USA Team was in 3rd place overall at the time.  Despite the bad luck, the US Eventing Team still placed 7th overall!

Ex-racehorse Roxie having a lesson in her new life as a dressage horse.  See more videos of Roxie and other Thoroughbred horses we have available on The Gold Horse Ranch YouTube channel

The Gold Horse Ranch Mission

Unfortunately, many ex-racehorses aren’t so lucky as the examples noted above and they find themselves in abusive situations.  MarVeena Meek has made it her mission to help rescue and retrain these wonderful horses, helping them lead full, happy and productive lives. 

MarVeena’s love affair with horses began in her early childhood.  She comes from a rodeo background, where she toured the United States and five other countries extensively doing trick riding and trick roping for many years.  You can find MarVeena trick roping in the Cowgirl Hall Of Fame in Fort Worth, Texas, in the Rotunda Room between Dale Evans and Reba McEntire.  MarVeena has transformed this lifelong passion for horses into The Gold Horse Ranch adoption program in Forney, Texas. 

Being a natural horse enthusiast, Thoroughbred racehorse breeder, and Parelli Natural Horsemanship fan, MarVeena’s goal for the rescue horses at The Gold Horse Ranch is to develop their natural talents to the best of their ability and place them in homes where those natural talents will be encouraged and appreciated.  Find out more about how you can help sponsor or adopt an ex-racehorse here.

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