Help Support Thoroughbred Ex-Racehorse Rescue, Adoption – Original Artwork Donated By MarVeena Meek

MarVeena’s mission is to make the world a better place for the Thoroughbred. Her artwork is dedicated to them and 100% of all art proceeds go to the retraining, feeding, veterinary care and rehoming of retired racing Thoroughbreds.

MarVeena has several professional trainers that help her create new jobs for Thoroughbreds. Unfortunately, these services are not free services. So MarVeena’s art sales and your donations help to make it possible to send a horse back to school so they can learn a new set of skills that help them get a new home in the world and a second chance.

MarVeena has some retired Thoroughbreds that are not sound enough to ride, however they make wonderful companions, broodmares and a few that can be used for light riding horses. See our Adoption Horses page for information on horses available for adoption. Donations and art sales help to support these animals as well.


If you would like to make a donation through an artwork purchase, please contact MarVeena for pricing and instructions at

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