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As well as adoption horses, we also have an exceptional selection of registered Thoroughbred horses available for purchase.

Geldings For Sale

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Rare Thunder

DOB: 3/1/04

Sex: Gelding

Price: Call or e-mail for pricing

Rare Thunder’s dam is Miss Masserti and his sire is Rare Brick.  He was Parelli colt-started and is good to ride, racing or not. Inquire for his sale price. He is still actively racing and is sound as can be.

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Not for sale:

Mares For Sale

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Sinful Knowledge

DOB: 4/21/2004

Sex: Mare

Price: Call or e-mail for pricing

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We call her Sin.  Her sire is Hadif, and she is a granddaughter of Spend a Buck, the 1985 Kentucky Derby winner! She does look like the daughter of a champion now. She has more size on her since her maiden win at Sam Houston Park. She is 15.2 and five years old.

Her dam Pagin Paige Leigh won four races, is out of Two Timin Toni by Thanks To Tony. Sin’s mare tail line goes back to the great mare Busanda.

Sin just had a foal sired by Stephen Got Even, who sired I want Revenge, the favorite going in to the Kentucky Derby 2009 (see foal video below).  She looks wonderful!  She has a very sweet disposition and is a really pretty mare, with strong white blaze face, a classic looking TB!  She was imprinted at birth. So she is very sociable to people and good to get along with. However she was a very aggressive race mare. Loves to be out front. Her mom is too and raced liked that. She passes that down to all of her foals.

Sin retired due to a slab fracture on her right front knee. She did have surgery and is totally recuperated. She would be fine for light riding, and a great broodmare prospect.

She is a Texas accredited brood mare.

Freedom Eagle

DOB: 3/31/2004

Sex: Mare

Price: $2,000

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Texas born, Freedom Eagle is out of Talc Control, by Rare Brick.

Her dam was a hard knocking mare, who won six races and raced until she was six years old. She retired because of ankle chips.

Freedom raced like her mom, very aggressive will to win.  She broke her maiden at Sam Houston Park March 14, 2008. Then won an allowance race wire to wire on March 28 at Sam Houston Park. She retired after a slab fracture on her front left knee. She is fully recovered and in excellent condition to do light riding now. She would be a fine broodmare prospect. Her dam was a very aggressive runner, and a winner and Freedom should pass that on to her foals as well.

Freedom is an A nick to top Texas sire Valid Expectation and an A+ nick to Noble Causeway.

Freedom is 15 hands and all muscle!

Stallions Of The Gold Horse Ranch

Spend A Buck winning the Kentucky Derby

Buck Up Stephen

Sex: Stallion

Bio will be available soon.

The Gold Horse Ranch Adoption Program

Help give a new lease on life to an ex-racehorse.  These horses have been retired from the track for various reasons, ranging from injury to simply not making the cut. MarVeena has made it her mission to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome these wonderful creatures.

MarVeena has several trainers that she uses to help retrain these horses with new skills, giving them a new careers and a shot at happy and productive lives.  The Thoroughbred is renowned for its majesty, speed, beauty, versatility and athleticism.  Unfortunately, these services are not free.  Your donations help ensure, one horse at a time, that these horses never get thrown away.

Sponsor An Ex-Racehorse

We have sponsorships available for those that wish to help make a difference for these wonderful animals.  There are several ways you can become a sponsor.

  • You can become a regular monthly sponsor for $10, $25, $50 or $100 per month, which can be applied automatically to your credit card every month.
  • One-time donations of any amount can be made using your credit card or PayPal account and are greatly appreciated.
  • A selection of paintings created by MarVeena for the sole purpose of providing for the care and training of these ex-racehorses are available for purchase on the Artwork page of this website.


Gold Horse Ranch also offers the option of making a memorial donation.  If you would like to make a memorial donation in the name of a loved one or pet, please contact us with the details of your memorial donation and we will post it to our Memorials page.  You can make your donation by clicking on the PayPal button provided below.

Become a Monthly SponsorSelect a sponsorship level:

  • $10.00 per month

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Make a donation

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Horses Available For Adoption

The Gold Horse Ranch has various horses available for adoption.  MarVeena has some retired Thoroughbreds that are not sound enough to ride, however they make wonderful companions, broodmares and a few that can be used for light riding horses.  We have a rigid screening process to ensure all of our horses are matched with appropriate homes.

The Adoption Process

  • Fill out our Application Form. You will be required to provide information regarding your previous experience with horses, stabling facilities, available veterinary care and personal references.

  • If your application is approved, an in-person interview will be conducted and inspection of the prospective stabling facilities is performed.

  • Available adoption horses are listed below.  An appointment will be scheduled for you to visit with our adoption horses, where we will be glad to help you find a suitable match based on the information gleaned from your application and interview.

  • Adoption fees range anywhere from $500-$900 depending on the physical limitations and amount, if any, of rehabilitative care required.

  • In the event that circumstances change and you need to find a new home for the adopted horse, The Gold Horse Ranch can help you in placing the horse. The Gold Horse Ranch reserves first right of refusal on all adoptions and purchases.

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Rare Beauty Kat


DOB: 4/16/04

Sex: Mare

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We call her Beauty, she is black with a little white on one leg and a pretty Silver Moon shape on her forehead.  She is a Texas bred mare with Jockey Club papers and has raced twice (too slow for Lone Star Park).  She had a leg injury in 2006.  The vet said she stripped a nerve under her right foreleg.  I think that is what kept her from being competitive as a race horse.  Her dam won races, her sire is Rare Brick  also a multi-race winner, and she has a brother racing now who has won races.

Beauty has an A+ nick with top TX stud Noble Causeway

View Mare Match for Rare Beauty Kat

She has had natural horsemanship training with Meg Ellis for about a year, is very good-natured and would love to be a partner.  She is not very confident, so she needs a confident leader/partner.  A very easy keeper, she stays in good flesh without a lot of feed.  Beauty is very easy to handle for the farrier and vet and is very affectionate.  Her dam was a very good mother, and I have no doubt Beauty would be a good mom as well.

Re-Training Off Track Thoroughbreds (OTTB)

There are a great many thoroughbred foals born each year; estimated figures from registered breeders alone are in excess of 40,000. Some of these achieve greatness on the track: some will never even set foot on a racecourse; but for those that do and do not quite make the grade an alternative career must be found once their racing days are over. It is a sad fact that many ex racehorses finish their career with injuries that prevent them living active lives as show jumpers of hunters; some spend the rest of their days in happy retirement with their owners, some go to dedicated rescue centers, but for many the path they take ends at public auction.

One equine sport that does not involve such strenuous activity as jumping or endurance is Dressage. Despite popular belief it is fully possible to re-train a thoroughbred racehorse to compete at this event, a fact proved by former Grand National favorite Moorcroft Boy who despite falling in the great event and breaking three vertebrae in his upper neck, something which so easily could have ended his life; has gone on to be re-trained as a dressage horse. Keen viewers of the eventing world will notice than most of the New Zealand team horses are bought off the track and are successfully re-schooled well enough to compete at dressage, even at international eventing level.

One thing that anyone purchasing a thoroughbred for re-schooling should be aware of is that they will have simply no idea what you are asking them to do so it is vital to go back to the early stages and carry out some basic simple flatwork in the school; treat them as you would if they were four year olds just starting training. The beauty of ex-racehorses is that they are usually older and more mature and can thus stand a more rigorous training regime than a youngster. Patience will be vital as the flight instinct is in very strong in the ex-racehorse and turf beneath the feet can be a cue to go as fast as he possibly can. Always start in a safe enclosed area; very early lessons can be carried out while hacking so that when the horse is taken into the school he is accustomed to the different aids he is being given. Work from the ground is also important; time spent on the lunge and in long reins teaching the horse to understand the vocal aids and how to turn and maneuver in a schooling area are beneficial. To a racehorse, shortening the reins means quite simply “go faster” so it will take time and thought to encourage the horse to take up a contact with the bit and drop his head.

To this end feeding is all important. Keep the doest basic, avoid the starchy high protein feeds the horse will have been used to; high fiber feeds and plenty of forage are all that is needed and time turned out will help give the horse a level head. If you have never re-trained a racehorse before then seek advice from a professional or someone who has. Local shows are now full of “Racehorse to Riding horse” classes, speak to one of the competitors and ask how they re-trained their horse for the show ruing. People of the horsey world are always willing to share their knowledge.

Not all horses will take to being re-trained unfortunately. But many do. For those who want to find out about their horses former career there a number of websites where racing records can be found and for those who may take up a greater interest in the sport free racing tips will give a good insight into every day racing.


Former OTTB (Off Track Thoroughbred) Junior now a successful police mount in Houston, Texas.


Junior is a 17.1 seven year old Thoroughbred whose registered name is Frosty’s Halo. He came to the Houston Mounted Patrol in May of 09. He was donated by Rebecca Rather who had purchased him after his career on the track did not work out. Rebecca loves Junior but found she was on the road quite a bit promoting her books and wanted him to have a job.

By donating him to the Houston Mounted Patrol, Rebecca is still able to visit Junior anytime she wants and knows she will get him back when he is retired.

Junior is a very loving and great minded horse. He is not afraid of anything and has progressed rather quickly through our training program. We use Parelli Natural Horsemanship techniques and have turned what people have labeled as crazy horses, especially if they come off the track, into steady Mounted Patrol Horses.

Leslie G. Wills
Sergeant, Houston Police Department
Mounted Patrol

Caren & Twilight

Former OTTB (Off Track Thoroughbred) Twilights Coming now a competitive dressage horse.

See Caren and Twilight’s story at

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